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Your Guide to Free Everything: New York City

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Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash

“One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.” — Tom Wolfe

A guide to a few of our favorite NYC spots that are… wait for it… free! You heard that right. It’s possible to have fun in the city without spending $16 per cocktail.


Financial literacy workshops

[when] Wednesdays, October 17th - December 19th | 6pm - 8pm
[where] AP Cafe NYC | 420 Troutman St, Brooklyn
[what] Get your finances on track every Wednesday this fall with financial expert Shaun Lynda, Co-Founder of Financially Clean and Co-Host of Two Black Guys With Good Credit.

Japan Society

[when] Fridays | 6pm - 9pm
[where] Japan Society | 333 East 47th St, Manhattan
[what] Immerse yourself in Japanese art and culture, public policy, business, language, and education with Japan Society’s Free Fridays.

NY Public Library CLASSES

[when] Daily
[where] New York Public Library | Locations in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island
[what] All classes through the historic New York Public Library are free of charge, unless otherwise noted. They have everything from meditative coloring classes to writing workshops to a class on how to build a site using WIX. Sign us up for something new every day.

Federal Reserve Museum and Gold vault tour

[when] Weekdays, Bank Holidays Excluded | 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
[where] Federal Reserve Bank of New York | 33 Liberty St, Manhattan
[what] Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve as you’re guided through this tour. Pro tip: tours open up 30 days before the requested date and space is limited so book your spot in advance!

African burial ground

[when] Tuesdays - Saturdays | 10am - 4pm
[where] African Burial Ground National Historic Monument | 290 Broadway, Manhattan
[what] Honor the spirit of those buried here and celebrate the ancestral heritage of free and enslaved Africans at this historic burial ground.

Spacious coworking space

[when] Weekdays | 8:30am - 5pm Most Locations
[where] Spacious Coworking Spaces | Locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn
[what] Been dying to try out one of those fancy coworking spaces? Try Spacious. They’ll give you a weeklong free trial. Huge coffee mugs and ginger chews included.

Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash

Photo by Court Prather on Unsplash


Peloton cycling

[when] Daily Classes
[where] Peloton Chelsea Studio | 140 W 23rd St, Manhattan
[what] Go to any of their free walk-in classes that’ll spin you into shape. Pro tip: arrive at least 15 minutes early, as classes tend to fill up quickly.

Sky ting yoga

[when] Daily Classes
[where] Sky Ting Yoga Studios | Locations in Chinatown, Tribeca, and Domino
[what] Choose any of their “Sky Ting Yoga by Donation” classes at one of their three locations to ease your mind and get your workout in at the same time.

Core power yoga

[when] Daily, Your First Class
[where] CorePower Yoga | Locations in Brooklyn and Manhattan
[what] A yoga class made to make you sweat? Core Power Yoga. Your first week is on them. Take full advantage.

Outdoor Boot Camp

[when] Wednesdays | 6:30am - 7am
[where] Bryant Park | Manhattan
[what] Early bird catches the worm. Rain or shine. Year long. No props necessary. Join The Rise NYC for their all out, no excuses style morning workout in the park. Bonus: if you’re looking for something to do in the summer, Bryant Park is the place. From outdoor yoga, to films, to Broadway performances, Bryant is the place to be.

Orange Theory Fitness

[when] Daily, Your First Class
[where] Orange Theory Fitness | Locations in Astoria, Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Jersey City
[what] Always wanted to take from a personal trainer? You’ve met your match. Think of Orange Theory as a personal trainer for a whole class, with half cardio and half strengthening; you’ll earn all those splat points. Orange Theory Fitness lets newbies have one free trial class. Warning: you might fall in love with it.

CKO Kickboxing

[when] Daily, Your First Class
[where] CKO Kickboxing | Locations in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Hoboken
[what] If you’ve had a long day at the office and need to kick and punch some things, we recommend using your free trial class over at CKO Kickboxing.

One Love Wellness Yoga

[when] Thursdays | 6:30-8:00 pm
[where] One Love Wellness | 1700 3rd Ave, Manhattan
[what] One Love Wellness is on a mission to make yoga accessible to the people, and during the summers they host donation based Coney Island beach yoga classes.

Photo by Freddy Marschall on Unsplash

Photo by Freddy Marschall on Unsplash


Nyc reiki institute

[when] Monthly Clinic | 6:30pm - 8:30pm | Next clinic: October 25th
[where] NYC Reiki Institute | 135 West 29 St, Manhattan
[what] Restore your energy, enhance your wellness, and improve the quality of your health with a restorative reiki class, occurring once monthly. Pro tip: RSVP at least 24 hours in advance to reserve your spot. It fills up fast!

Pete’s candy store

[when] Daily
[where] Pete’s Candy Store | 709 Lorimer St, Brooklyn
[what] Free (unless otherwise noted) musical performances every night in a small Williamsburg venue. Perfect for a night on the town. Bonus: every other Thursday night at 7:30pm, they host Pete’s Reading Series, where literary icons and greats take the stage.

Staten island ferry

[when] Daily
[where] Whitehall Terminal | 4 South St, Manhattan
[what] Take a 25-minute voyage across the Upper New York Bay to Staten Island for no cost to you.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden

[when] Fridays, March - November | 8am - 12pm // Weekdays, December - February
[where] Brooklyn Botanic Garden | 455 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn
[what] Get a taste of nature with a stroll through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Nothing beats free flowers when you’re tired of staring at the concrete.

Jimmy Fallon

[when] Weekdays
[where] NBC Studios | 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Manhattan
[what] Getting tickets for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon isn’t easy, but it is doable (we know because we’ve done it). Sign up for 1iota here and create your profile. Follow @fallontix on Twitter. During the first week of the month, they will announce the upcoming tickets. Once you get the go from Twitter, go straight to the taping date you’d like to see on 1iota, apply for the tickets, and you’ll be put on a waitlist. If you are one of the chosen ones, the Rockefeller gods that be will notify you at least two weeks before the taping. Laughs ahead.

Upright citizens brigade improv

[when] Sunday | 9:30pm
[where] Upright Citizens Brigade | 555 W 42nd St, Manhattan
[what] Longform comedy improv. Yes, the show is called ASSSSCAT 3000. Just what you wanted. Pro tip: get there before 8:15pm as that’s when the free tickets to the 9:30pm show are distributed outside of the theatre.

Brooklyn brewery Tour

[when] Weekends | 1pm - 6pm
[where] Upright Citizens Brigade | 555 W 42nd St, Manhattan
[what] Grab a ticket for a free tour (running every half hour) of this Brooklyn staple. Nestled in the heart of Williamsburg, you’ll get a free little history lesson, and you’ll learn just how much that fancy machine that packages and ships off all those craft beers we love so much really costs. Pro tip: there will most likely be a line, but it moves swiftly. Don’t you worry.

The 55 Bar Jazz Club

[when] Daily | 6pm - 7pm
[where] The 55 Bar | 55 Christopher St, Manhattan
[what] Early sets at 6pm or 7pm are free at this small prohibition style Jazz joint. A free cover means an extra martini or two for you.

Barbès Jazz

[when] Daily | Evening
[where] Barbès | 55 Christopher St, Brooklyn
[what] Live Jazz every night of the week. Note: there is a $10 strongly suggested donation. But hey, $10 for some grooves? We’ll take it.

Chelsea art galleries

[when] Daily
[where] Chelsea
[what] Seeing exquisite art doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out all of the incredible free galleries in Chelsea. Some of our favorites include Metro Pictures, Andrew Kreps Gallery, and Jack Shainman Gallery.

Free Fridays at Moma

[when] Fridays | 4pm - 8pm
[where] The Museum of Modern Art | 18 West 54 St, Manhattan
[what] Enjoy six floors of unparalleled art in this New York City classic. For free. Hello! Friday nights just got a whole lot cooler. Van Gogh’s The Starry Night is there, and yes, it is just as breathtaking in person as you think it would be.

Stargazing at the highline

[when] Tuesdays, April - October | Sunset
[where] The Highline | Atop the Highline at Little West 12th St, Manhattan
[what] Impress your Tinder date, partner, or best friend with a magic night under the stars. The Amateur Astronomers Association of New York sets out some pretty high powered telescopes to take a real good look at those hidden stars amidst all that city smog.

The museum at fit

[when] Tuesdays - Fridays | 12pm - 8pm // Saturdays | 10am - 5pm
[where] The Museum at FIT | 227 W 27th St, Manhattan
[what] Check out the rotating work from the up and coming fashion experts of the world at the Fashion Institute of Technology Museum. Students exhibit their work, and to be honest, we’re onboard for another Project Runway.

brooklyn museum first saturdays

[when] Fridays, Once a Month | 5pm - 11pm
[where] Brooklyn Museum | 200 Eastern Pkwy, Brooklyn
[what] Enjoy the free art and entertainment that is the Brooklyn Museum, courtesy of Target. Pro tip: arrive before 4pm to reserve your spot, as it’ll fill up fast.

New Museum

[when] Thursdays | 7pm - 9pm
[where] New Museum | 235 Bowery, Manhattan
[what] Peruse curated works from interesting and unique perspectives with interactive installations and colorful works every Thursday. There is a suggested donation of $2. We don’t think that’ll break the bank.

Photo by Wells Baum on Unsplash

Photo by Wells Baum on Unsplash

For a list of even more free things to do in the city that never sleeps, check this out. And if you have more New York insider intel, we’d love to hear from you. Shoot us an email at team@helloworkwell.com or DM us at @helloworkwell!