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You Can't Buy Happiness, but You Can Buy Local

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Photo by Tomas Anton Escobar on Unsplash

Photo by Tomas Anton Escobar on Unsplash

“I would like to see people more aware of where their food comes from. I would like to see small farmers empowered.” – Anthony Bourdain

Keep Your Friends Close and Your Farmers Closer

Supporting local is so important to the economy, the environment, your wallet, and your tastebuds. There’s something really special about going to the market on a Sunday morning, perusing through fresh fruits and veggies and sampling new treats. It’s rarely a rushed, push-shove, try to find the shortest line, people are in your way kind of experience. There’s a sense of community. We can think of plenty of reasons to shop local. The produce is fresher, oftentimes picked within a few days before getting to you. You’re putting money back into your community directly with every purchase. And farmers markets are typically cheaper. Good for you and good for your budget. We’ll take it.

Here are our top three favorite tips from The Kitchn for getting the most out of your experience.

  1. Understand what’s in season. This is so important when trying to get the freshest produce, and it gives you a chance to enjoy each fruit and vegetable as it comes into season – a little something to look forward to if you will.

  2. Bring small bills with you. Making change out of bigger bills can be difficult depending on how much is in the farmer’s cash drawer, especially right when the market opens for the day.

  3. Make conversation with the farmers and staff. Getting to know new people is part of the fun, and you can learn a lot about your produce and where your food is coming from this way.

Find Your New Sunday Spot

Still need help finding your local farmer’s market? Use the USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory to find one in your area.