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What Does Working Well Mean to You? Third Time’s a Charm.

SoulAlyssa Davis
 Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

Photo by Val Vesa on Unsplash

We’re asking you – our Workwell warriors, what does working well mean to you? Here are some of our favorite responses so far:

katie arnold photography

Following your passion. When we are passionate about what we spend the majority of our time doing, our work days don’t feel so much like work after all. I find that a happy soul produces the best outcome in my work and my personal life. – Katie Arnold, Photographer and Social Worker

bizzy morrell susquehanna university

Knowing that I can leave a room and those around me know that they’re loved. If the spirit I have doesn’t spur other people on to joy, I haven’t done my job. – Bizzy Morrell, Baker

haley mcosker university of new england

A balanced life. Leaving time for family and friends, yet also working hard to learn and grow is super important. – Haley McOsker, Occupational Therapist

olivia rodrigues dean college

A positive mind is everything. If you are passionate and positive with what you are doing, you’ll not only be a happier human but you’ll do a much better job. I thrive on inspiring others and being inspired, constantly helping others to grow, while never limiting myself. – Olivia Rodrigues, Dance Coach

We want to know. What does working well mean to you? Shoot us an email over at team@helloworkwell.com or direct message us on Instagram @helloworkwell with your answer and your favorite picture of yourself for a chance to be featured!