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What Does Working Well Mean to You?

SoulAlyssa Davis

We’re asking you – our Workwell warriors, what does working well mean to you? Here are some of our favorite responses so far:

sam gray actor singer poet-helloworkwell

Feeling a sense of belonging – that I'm meant to be part of the conversation. Having an  environment where I can genuinely express myself and be valued defines work wellness for me. – Sam Gray, Actress

patriots cheerleader leanne santorsola-helloworkwell

It's about passion for me. Finding a workplace that adapts to my love for creativity and an atmosphere that promotes artistry as well as a healthy lifestyle is so important. – Leanne Santorola, NFL Cheerleader

madi sanborn speech therapist-helloworkwell

Being in tune with your body. It's so easy to get overwhelmed with your job, school, or everyday tasks, and you stop listening to your body telling you to slow down. Remember to take a breather every once in a while to remind yourself that you need some relax time! – Madi Sanborn, Speech Therapist

corinne apostolides-helloworkwell

Being positive. Having a positive mind and attitude is so important, whether it's at work or in your everyday life. It's easier to allow negative thoughts and insecurities to take the forefront, but you won't achieve anything with those. Just trust the process and stay positive, and everything else will fall into place. – Corinne Apostolides, Actress

We want to know. What does working well mean to you? Shoot us an email over at team@helloworkwell.com or direct message us on Instagram @helloworkwell with your answer and your favorite picture of yourself for a chance to be featured!