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Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

“Offices don’t have to look like it’s Halloween year-round—and probably shouldn’t.” – Alexia Brue, Co-founder of Well+Good

It’s time for all of those “Trends for the New Year” articles to surface. We thought we’d join in on the fun with what we think (and our research shows) will be the top wellness trends to benefit your work mind, body, and soul. See a trend with our content? Oh yes, we hope so.

The Return of the Home Gym

Don’t have enough energy to clock those hours at the gym after clocking 8+ hours at the office? We get it. The newest fitness companies on the market seems to get it too. Take our favorite in-home cycling company for instance: Peloton. Buy the bike. Livestream classes from home or watch any prerecorded class at anytime. So long excuses.

Tired of having bulky equipment in your home? Try Mirror. Launched in September, we know we’ll see a bunch of these popping up in houses all around the country. It’s a mirror that doubles as an interactive home gym. You’ll have to see it to believe it. And even if you don’t get one, someone in your life will most likely have one by the end of 2019.

Even if the home gym isn’t doing it for you in 2019, you know what is? Work plus wellness. Wifi? Workspaces? At a gym? Oh yes. That work from anywhere mentality has made it so you can get your cardio and your conference call in all in the same hour. Expect more workspaces popping up at gyms and more gyms popping up at work.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

More popular than spin in 2019? You guessed it. Rowing. Former Olympic rower Dr. Cameron Nichol tells Business Insider that “rowing activates nine muscle groups and 85% of the body's musculature”, making it “the most efficient total body workout”. Can’t argue with the facts. Orange Theory incorporates rowing into their workouts. Rowing machines are filling up at gyms all around the nation. And of course, there are rowing gyms, exclusively made for rowing. Move over cycling. Kidding – Peloton, we love you, and we’ll never kick you to the curb.

Getting a Sufficient Amount of Sleep

Judging from the backlash of this article on Twitter and Facebook, lack of sleep is not trending. The transition from living to work to working to live is happening. Slowly but surely. It’s no longer a game of who gets the least sleep and is dragging most in the office. Need help catching some shut eye? Try adaptogens.

Adaptogens are non-toxic plants that help you adapt by giving you the ability to resist biological, physical, and chemical stressors. Little superpower plants. Dr. Brenda Powell tells Time that, “Adaptogens may tweak hormone production and physiological responses to stress to ensure that your body—from your mind to your immune system to your energy levels—functions as it should.” Now that’s something we can get behind. Less stress = sounder sleep. Hello sweet dreams, we meet again.

In-Office Perks

More companies opted for healthier options in the break room in 2018. Those short sugar rushes from vending machines aren’t exactly boosting company productivity. We can only see this commitment to wellness growing in the coming year. With epic wellness perks from companies like Asana (they have nap rooms), Google (on-site chiropractor and masseuse, okay Google), and Zappos (they have Recess Tuesdays), attracting top talent is increasingly becoming about wellness offerings. Well+Good Co-founder Alexia Brue tells Forbes, “At Well+Good we think that wellness should be fun and even entertaining. So if there’s a trend that’s surfacing and that your team members are asking about, maybe do something for a month—but you don’t need to commit to it permanently.” A little something to break up routine, promote wellness, and add some team bonding can make all the difference in the office. We’re looking forward to seeing this trend take off in the new year.