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The Careerist: Meshing Working with Parenting

SoulAlyssa Davis
Photo by Sai de Silva on Unsplash

Photo by Sai de Silva on Unsplash

"It’s not wrong to be passionate about your career. When you love what you do, you bring that stimulation back to your family.” – Allison Pearson

Work-Parent Blend

Working moms and dads – working and parenting can coexist. And we're not just talking about for the work from home types *gasp*. Showing your kids that work life blend is possible sets you and them up for success. Here are some of the best ways to achieve work-life blend with your kiddos:

  • Meal prep. Having your kids help you prep your lunches for the work week teaches them that healthy food habits are important. It also helps you save time throughout the week and is great for making those messy memories. Crank some tunes and prep away.

  • Downtime is important. This may be a lesson for you, as much as it is for them. Teach your kids that downtime doesn't mean screen time. If you want your kids to read, pick up a book yourself. Lead by example. Rest is important.

  • Be present. Make sure your kids know that when you're on the clock, you're on. This is especially important for those of you that do work from home. When you're off of work, be off. Don't check your email constantly or respond to work calls when you're spending time with your kids. Wherever you are, be there. 100%. They'll understand how important your work time is when it's scheduled if they have their own set time with you as well and get to be with YOU – instead of with you, your boss, your coworkers, and your cell phone.