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The Careerist: Level Up Your Career

MindAlyssa Davis
Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

Photo by StockSnap on Pixabay

"You'll never know everything about anything, especially something you love.” – Julia Child

Leveling Up to Level Out

You should always be thinking of leveling up to level out. In other words, think in terms of two roles ahead. What skills can you develop to get to your next role within your company or to change careers entirely? Here are our favorite ways to level up:

  • Be a lifelong learner. Invest time and energy into your work (outside of the office). Try courses through General Assembly, Coursera, edX, or Skillshare. Learn skills that you can use in new roles within your company. If you want that promotion, learn the skills that a person with that job has. It doesn't have to be rocket science either. If you want to know what skills are necessary – ask. Taking initiative to build your resume and skillset is always a plus.

  • Set small daily goals. What do you need to focus on today that will help you with your bigger goals? What small steps need to happen to get to the next step? Break those down so those loftier goals are attainable and not just pipe dreams. Be clear about what you'd like to achieve and get specific. Tunnel vision focus is necessary for bringing yourself to the next level.

  • Find someone you look up to, be it a colleague or supervisor. Role models are excellent sources of motivation and inspiration. If you want a job as the CEO, get to know your CEO. What are their daily duties? How do they respond to issues? What type of leader are they? How can you improve upon skills that you already have to emulate these qualities?

  • Use a business coach. If you want to know your blindspots and where you can improve, consult an outside source. A career coach is an excellent tool for developing your soft skills, as well as focusing on which hard skills you should be training in.