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Monday's List: The 3% Rule, CrossFit, and RX Bars

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Photo by RXBAR

Photo by RXBAR

“We often dismiss small changes because they don’t seem to matter very much in the moment.” ― James Clear, Atomic Habits

What We’re Getting Stuck in Our Teeth


“You can’t eat these in front of someone you’re trying to impress.” A true note on the ever so popular RXBARs from Hello Workwell founder Lydia Loizides herself. Real ingredients. Twelve grams of protein. Five grams of fiber. And the kicker? They actually taste good. Their only downfall is their sticky nature – bar in your teeth for days.

Our favorite flavors are Chocolate Sea Salt and Coconut Chocolate. What can we say? We’ve got a bit of a sweet tooth. They’re about $2-$3 a bar but great for after a workout or to hold you over before your lunch break.

How We’re Getting Buff


We’re still sore. CrossFit isn’t new, but it is new to us. We figured – how hard can this cult-like favorite be? The answer: hard. So so hard. Their “beginner” class is called Body so we gave it a whirl. Here’s the scoop. If you’re a gym rat – these are your people. If the thought of working out in front of a bunch of people whose six packs have six packs gives you anxiety, steer clear.

The class itself goes by quickly. It’s not more than an hour and it’s done in intervals so you’re not pounding weights the whole time, but boy does it feel like it. We came in and followed a set schedule written on the board in three parts. The whole class, aside from the warmup, was with a partner – if you’re looking for ways to meet new people, this is it. Each interval is timed with a rest in between and the class basically runs itself so there’s not much guidance, but if you’re struggling, the trainer will step in and modify the exercise for you (trust us, they modified about three of them for us). We wouldn’t say this is a class for absolute beginners, but if you’re someone who wants to change up your workout routine and add in some accountability, this could be the workout for you.

How We’re Perfecting Our Craft

30 Minutes a Day

Our favorite podcasts right now? Finding Mastery with Michael Gervais. Gervais is a sports psychologist who has worked with some of the top performers in the world and works very closely with Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks of the NFL. His POV? We can only train three things: our craft, body, and mind. We're following his advice and setting aside 3% a day for training in our craft. That's about 30 minutes every day. What does that mean? Thirty minutes of reading Atomic Habits by James Clear, taking notes, and finding ways to build these tactics into our everyday processes.