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Monday's List: Rejuvepods, ClassPass, and Paleo

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Photo by Sam Gray for Hello Workwell

Photo by Sam Gray for Hello Workwell

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.” - Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

What We’re Trying


What it is: Essentially a sauna inside a pod, Rejuvepods are like little tanning beds with a whole bunch of benefits.

Why We Love It: Supposedly they’re good for anti-aging, inflammation, blood flow, and lymphatic drainage.

Our Experience: It was 155ºF, but with the fans, it felt like a warm beach day. Our experience was 30 minutes, and we thought we’d be incredibly claustrophobic, but your head stays out which helps with that feeling of suffocation. Would we do it again? Maybe. It is cool for the experience. And we’re sure you need more than one treatment to get all those advertised benefits.

What We’re Using


Sum it Up: Want to try something new this February? Use ClassPass. With your first month free, ClassPass gives you 45 credits to try whatever classes you want. Not only do they have exercise classes, they have wellness classes. Each class requires a different amount of credits and your membership options vary, but if your first month is free, you might as well try it.

Favorite Classes We’ve Taken: CrossFit. Rowing. Cryotherapy. Salt cave yoga.

The Plan We Have: $79/month plus tax. 45 credits per cycle. It’s a deal if you really think about it. And it gives us an after work workout that keeps our routine fresh.

What We’re Reading

Ready or Not! by Nom Nom Paleo

Why We Love It: A paleo cookbook for the “can’t be bothered, too busy to cook”, workers of the world (i.e. us). Oh, and it’s from NYT bestselling authors Michelle Tam and Henry Fong.

Our Favorite Recipe: Chilled Asian Zoodle Salad with Chicken and Avocado. Dinner again tonight? Yes please.

What It Doesn’t Have: Gluten, grains, dairy, refined sugar, or excuses.