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Monday's List: Putting on the Pressure, Staying Awake, and Dressing for Success

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Photo by @awakechocolate on Instagram

Photo by @awakechocolate on Instagram

“Don't sweat the petty things and don't pet the sweaty things.” ― George Carlin

Using That Pressure to Your Advantage

Fissler Pressure Cooking

WHAAAT?: Real, homemade, chicken soup in 30 minutes? Homemade mouth-watering pork carnitas in 45 minutes? Risotto in 5 minutes? Um, yes, please!

Best Kitchen Purchase, Ever: We're loving our Fissler Pressure cooker. If you have thoughts of a small, silver bomb about to blow up in your kitchen, move on! This is not your grandma's pressure cooker. #NotAnAd We're all about “homemade” for workday meals, whether pre-made lunches or after work dinner. Start by clicking here for mouthwatering recipes from Fissler Magazine. You’ll be out buying one and cooking to your heart's content in no time. 

How We’re Pulling All Nighters

Awake Bars

Sleep Is Important: Of the utmost importance which is why we always stress it. But let’s be real, some days (especially those Mondays at the office) you need a little extra boost and coffee tends to stain those pearly whites. Awake has got you covered with edible (yes edible) caffeination.

Gotta Try ‘em All: Chocolate bars, chocolate bites, and granola. All the main food groups to get your day started. One chocolate bar has the same caffeination as a full cup of coffee. Just when you thought chocolate couldn’t get any better…

But the Taste?: We would eat these as regular chocolate bars all the time if they didn’t make us run marathons after. So. Stinkin’. Delicious. Try the caramel chocolate flavor – happiness in a bite.

What We’re Donating To

Dress for Success

Spring Cleaning: Thank you spring for finally rearing your head. We’re happy to see you again. With that comes the inevitable spring clean. As you decide what sparks joy in your house, consider giving away your old work clothes to Dress for Success and help women in need with some professional attire. If you’re a guy, consider donating your old suits to Career Gear.

What Do I Do with What’s Left?: All the rest of that junk can be sold right on eBay or LetGo. And with that extra money? Throw a little in your savings and donate the rest to a charity of your choosing. It’s a tax donation, and if you have the means, why wouldn’t you do it?