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Monday's List: On the Go

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Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

“Traveling for business can feel like one of those science fiction novels in which a spaceman takes two years journeying to a distant planet and returns to find that two decades have passed at home. It's amazing how the world turns when we aren't there to experience it.” - Bruce Schoenfeld, Entrepreneur

What We’re Downloading

Our Spotify Playlists

For Long Flights: Few things are worse than a flight without music because you forgot to download your Spotify playlists ahead of time. Not sure what to put on yours? Try one of ours below.

What We’re Packing


For Your Hair: Dry shampoo saves lives. The less we have to wash it away on a business trip, the longer we get to sleep in. Have time for a little scrub but don’t want to buy the mini shampoo bottles or squeeze your bottle into those travel sized bottles? We love Lush’s shampoo bars. All the magic of shampoo, while still being travel friendly.

For Your Clothes: Extended business trip and only a few pairs of pants? We love Eddie Bauer’s travel size laundry sheets. As a bonus, they’re biodegradable.

For Your Teeth: We can’t say enough about the Quip toothbrush. It’s compact, looks like a regular toothbrush, travels easily in a case, and has no wires or charging. It also stops every 30 seconds to tell you to switch sides for a two minute clean that’ll finally get you a stellar review from your dental hygienist.

How We’re Traveling

Before, During, and After

Before You Leave: We like to plan a buffer day for our return. Use the day back to recoup or reconnect with family and friends before delving straight back into work. Business trips can be exhausting, as they’re usually early mornings coupled with late nights. Enjoy your day back, get your sleep schedule back on track, and then hit the office the next day feeling well rested and ready to work.

Skip the Lines: If you travel internationally, get Global Entry. Like TSA Precheck, it lasts five years. Unlike TSA Precheck, it’s $15 extra. The plus side is you get the short lines on international and domestic flights with Global Entry. Saves the line both ways.

When You Get Back to the Office: Try not to cram everything into one day. As tempting as it might be to delve straight into email Hell, you’ll be sucked in for the whole workday. Begin your day with a plan. Map out what it will look like for maximum efficiency and commit one hour for emails at the beginning of the day and one at the end. Everything in between should be high priority tasks that will set your week up for success.