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Monday's List: The New Masculine, True Botanicals, and Starbucks Reserve

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Photo by @truebotanicals on Instagram

Photo by @truebotanicals on Instagram

“I'm telling you, there is a lot of power in being unapologetic.” ― Dax Shepard

What We’re Listening To

Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert, a podcast

Why we love Dax Shepard: #MeToo meet Dax Shepard. We've been listening to Armchair Expert, billed as "Welcome to the Armchair Expert, a podcast that celebrates the messiness of being human."

Love. Love. Love: We love his style and we love his honesty. Start with the John Gottman episode; at the very least, you'll get some great advice about how to be a better listener, lover, and worker.

How We’re Taking Care of Our Skin

True Botanicals

Non toxic: Did you know that there are a host of chemicals found in the typical office environment that may cause long-term health issues? A study by the Environmental Science and Technology reports that "office air contains toxic chemicals released from carpeting, paint, furniture glues, water repellents and coverings, and other sources."

Reduce the load: If you're trying to reduce your exposure to chemicals and compounds that might not be so great for you, start with your workday morning routine. True Botanicals #thisisnotanad is a cosmetics company (for women and men) that are producing skincare products that are "pure, potent, and proven to work. Filled with natural and organic ingredients, our skin and body products promise results without toxins." We've been using several of their products and can attest to the quality and positive impact that they have on our skin.

What We’re Tasting

Starbucks Reserve

Everything old becomes new again: Starbucks is getting an upgrade with their new roasteries. New flavors. Extra class. Totally delicious. Need a little boost for your Monday? The roastery is where you need to be. The atmosphere? Extravagant. The coffee? Delectable.

The best part: Baristas that know all things coffee and love working where they do.

But where?: New York, New York is where we tried ours, but you can also experience the magic in Seattle, Shanghai, Milano, Tokyo, and coming soon…Chicago!