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Monday's List: Lozenges, Lumosity, and Lemonade

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Photo by Manny Pantoja

Photo by Manny Pantoja

“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing--that's why we recommend it daily.” ― Zig Ziglar

How We’re Soothing Our Throats

Burt’s Bees Honey Throat Drops

Hello allergy season – we meet again. There’s nothing worse than that hoarse, scratchy feeling before a big presentation. Skip the chemicals and keep a bag of Burt’s Bees honey throat drops in your desk drawer. They’re 100% natural with a cooling hint of Menthol. The best part? A bag is only $2.49. We won’t be able to hype these up any more than this one online review: “I encourage all who read this review to follow their dreams, but if their dreams don't involve buying this product, they probably aren't worth following. Good Work, Burt. Your bees done good.”

How We’re Brain Training


If you’ve ever wanted to do a little brain training in your downtime, try Lumosity. This app trains your brain with “workouts” tailored to fit your needs. The app adapts to bring games that improve your memory, attention, flexibility, speed, and problem-solving. You can do it from your desktop, iOS, or Android. But don’t just take it from us – they did the research. “In one study, our scientists conducted a randomized trial involving 4,715 participants in order to study whether cognitive performance improves after training with Lumosity. The test group trained with Lumosity, while the control group trained using crossword puzzles. Both groups trained five days per week, for fifteen minutes a day. After ten weeks, the Lumosity group improved in performance across a battery of cognitive assessments. In fact, they improved more than twice as much as the control group did.” So if you want to improve your brain power so you can kick butt at your job, this might be the app for you. What are you waiting for? Get to playing.

How We’re Protecting Our Stuff


Two words: renter’s insurance. Something you don’t think about until you need it. If you work from home, your stuff should absolutely be protected. Who else is going to pay for that $2000 laptop that's ruined after a pipe burst? If you rent, you can get insurance from Lemonade starting at $5/month. And if you are a homeowner, you’re looking at $25/month. Talk about insurance we can finally afford. You set your profile up in minutes and protect your stuff, and we’ll cross our fingers you’ll never have to make a claim. And if you don’t – don’t fret. Lemonade is in the business of doing good. They take a flat fee to pay for claims and donate the remainder to a charity of your choosing. Both a Public Benefit Corporation and a Certified B-Corp, we can’t sing Lemonade’s praises anymore. Now go get protected.