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Monday's List: Big Pens, Tools of Titans, and Cryotherapy

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Photo by Angello Lopez on Unsplash

Photo by Angello Lopez on Unsplash

“I suppose under different circumstances, you’d call it OCD.” ― Jonathan Gold, in reference to Chef Nancy Silverton obsession with her work

What We’re Taking Notes With

A 4-Color Ballpoint Pen

We’re taking it back old school. Do you remember those pens that you click for different colors? That was a genius invention, and we think they should be brought back. We use them for bullet journaling because you can easily color code all of your to-dos based off of importance. We use blue for tasks, green for notes, red for priority things, and black for the rest. It keeps us organized without having to switch between a million pens and highlighters. Don’t discount it just because it’s dated.

What We’re Reading

Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss

If you haven’t heard of Tim Ferriss yet – you’re missing out. He was one of Fast Company's "Most Innovative Business People," Forbes's "Names You Need to Know," and Fortune's "40 under 40." In other words, he’s kind of a big deal. If you want to boost your productivity, start with this read. Also for Ferriss, this is one of his quicker reads. We do highly recommend the kindle version though because the physical version is still 800 pages. It highlights how people work and offers tips, tactics, and practical advice from world-class performers. He distills all of his interviews into nuggets that you need to know.

How We’re Staying Cool


Ever heard of cryotherapy? Now you have. Been there, tried that. If you’re doing whole body cryotherapy, you are in an enclosed chamber (don’t worry, your head stays out) that’s between – 200 and – 300ºF. Holy cold. But don’t worry. You’ll only be in there for a few minutes. Is it cold? Yes. But is it painful? It’s not so bad. Think of it as a less uncomfortable and much more expensive ice bath. So what are these proposed benefits? Though there isn’t much research on the long-term effects of cryotherapy as it’s a relatively new technology, it’s believed that it helps with muscle tension and pain relief, as well as nerve irritation and inflammation. Our recommendation – give it a try when it’s on a discount. Studios are always offering specials, especially with this heat. For best results, you should try going regularly. Going once probably won’t give you the results you’re expecting.