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Monday's List: A Mingle Moment

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Photo by Mallory Pettee

Photo by Mallory Pettee

“We all have stories that are powerful, meaningful, inspiring, and worth being heard. Connection is everything and our stories are the bridge. Please don’t let the bright light of another ever dim your shine. We are all students. We are all teachers.” ― Julia Turner, Workweller

How We’re Connecting


In case you missed it, we had our first official Hello Workwell event this past Thursday – a networking event that mixed bubbles with business. We brought twenty women together to show up, mingle, make friendships, and talk about their stories. We’re so much better together, and at Hello Workwell we fully embrace the idea of collaboration over competition.

So if you have a virtual network, we absolutely recommend actually meeting your community. Book some space, find some Trader Joe’s goodies, pop a little bubbly, and connect with those in your circle. You’ll never know what people have to share or what insight others who have “been there, done that” can give you! P.S. if you’re interested in attending our next event – email us (team@helloworkwell.com) to be put on the reach out list!

How We’re Booking Event Space


Breather gives you an easy, pain free way to book space for your next Instagram community mingle (which you HAVE to have). Type in the location (filter by dates, time frame, number of attendees, and even amenities), see pictures, check reviews, and book. It’s that simple. Not sold? You can schedule a tour of the space beforehand and make sure it’s exactly what you’re looking for!

What We’re Drinking

Rosé in a Can

We’re classy broads here at Hello Workwell. So as is fitting, we can’t recommend rosé in a can enough for your next event. Who has time for glasses and opening bottles? Not us. Our favorite brand of canned pink? Union Wine Co.’s Underwood #PinkiesDown