Hello Workwell

Hello Workwell

LearnLydia Loizides

Over the last four years, Talentedly has touched the work lives of thousands of people through our online classes, workshops and virtual coaching service. Part of what we've always struggled with is creating valuable content for our community; we tried a little of this and a little of that but nothing ever really took hold. About a year ago, friends, colleagues, and clients asked for recommendations, so I started sending a weekly email that I called Workwell Wednesday, and it stuck. Everything that I put in it I had read, tried or researched. The advice was simple to put into action, and I always tried to offer options - cost, lifestyle, job type, gender, etc. It started to get too big to manage, so I've decided to bring what I had been sharing to everyone looking to change their work life, for the better. 

Hello Workwell is the intersection of where work and wellness meet. Think of us as a resource for all things work mind, work body, and work soul, everything you need to live your best work life every day. 

We spend two-thirds of our day at work, more time than we do with friends and family. Hello Workwell is everything you need to win the long-game of your work life. 

Lydia Loizides

Founder, Talentedly and Editor in Chieftress, Hello Workwell