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Give a Little, Get a Lot

SoulAlyssa Davis
Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

Photo by Alex Radelich on Unsplash

“It is worth keeping in mind that even little things have a beneficial effect—like bringing coffee to one’s office mates in the morning.” — Philippe Tobler, Time Magazine


We’re past Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, and we’ve moved on to full holiday season craziness. Amidst all the red tag deals, holiday parties, and sweet treats, we urge you to remember those less fortunate. Giving Tuesday is the perfect way to kick off the season, with a global day of giving. It’s not just great for others, it’s great for you!

Acts of altruism are proven to lower blood pressure in the same way as medication or exercise, increase life expectancy, and lead to overall higher levels of happiness. You’re not just doing someone else a service, you’re doing yourself a service too!

Give to a cause that means something to you today. It doesn’t matter how much you give so long as you do. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. Feeding America. One dollar is equivalent to ten meals.

  2. Dress for Success. If you’re revamping your work wardrobe this weekend, consider donating your old clothes to Dress for Success which gives women, who cannot afford clothing, professional attire to begin their careers with.

  3. California Community Foundation’s Wildfire Relief Fund. If you want to help those in California affected by the wildfires, you can donate to one of the wildfire relief funds. There are a few to choose from, but this one helps rebuild homes, provides financial and mental health assistance, and helps those affected get medical treatment.

  4. American Red Cross. Choose how you help, whether that be disaster relief, the California wildfires, or your local Red Cross.

  5. WE Charity. They help to create sustainable change to lift communities out of poverty. They’ve received the Good Housekeeping Humanitarian Seal for their efforts.

  6. Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon identifies itself as a veteran service organization that uses disaster response to help reintegrate veterans back into civilian life. Double-good.

If you have any charities that we should know about and add to the list, email us at team@hellworkwell.com!