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Get Spring Ready at the Office

LearnAlyssa Davis
Photo by Alexandra Marcu on Unsplash

Photo by Alexandra Marcu on Unsplash

“Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'“ – Robin Williams

Prepare Your Office for the Elements

It’s not full spring yet. Sure, we’re starting to have these random 50ºF days, but we’ve still got a full six sleeps before the official start date. Even then it’s a reach because for the next month or so we’re looking at bitter cold mornings and nice-ish days. The minute the sun sets, we’re back to cold temps, mittens, and scarves. Breeding grounds for pneumonia if you ask us. So how should we best prepare our office for this next transition season?

Stock Up

The office is your new fallout shelter. No precaution is too drastic.

Bring a pair of rain boots to the office. Keep your nice shoes there too so you can just slip those on instead of tracking mud all over the place (unless of course you’re looking for revenge on that coworker, and then by all means, carry on). At this rate, just bring every pair of shoes you own to the office. That seems like a safe bet.

Stash an umbrella in your desk. Whoever created the compact umbrella is a genius (Hans Haupt is his name, and umbrella history is about as fascinating as you’d think it is). He should be a millionaire by now. If you see that guy, congratulate him.

Keep a travel sized lint roller in your bag. This has nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with the fact that everyone needs one in their life. Lint should never be invited to any of your meetings, ever.

Dress In Layers

We understand it’s 32ºF when you wake up and leave for work. It will inevitably warm up throughout the day. The heating/cooling unit in your office will be doing the exact opposite of what it should for the entirety of this month because it’s just as confused as the rest of us. And you will be miserable in your parka, turtleneck sweater, pants, and thick socks. Dress smarter. Layers exist for a reason. Plus, layering outfits is just plain fun – different patterns, colors, looks. Go to town!

Big Pharma In Cubicle 24

Allergies. Unfortunately they’re unavoidable for some and tend to be in full force during these months. Keep a pharmacy in your desk. Tissues? Good. Eyedrops? Great. Zyrtec? Even better. A hazmat suit? The best.

If you’re still having trouble breathing at work, check the air filters. Many larger offices already have an air filtration system but some of the smaller ones may not. We’re not telling you to climb in the vents but asking your office manager to change the filters to high-efficiency filters might not be a bad idea. If air filters aren’t the problem, check for water damage. Water damage in the office leads to mold, especially in these weird in-between months.

S’winter Cleaning

It doesn’t have the same ring to it, but you get the point. Make way for the new by dumping the old. Clear out all the junk that’s piled up over the winter months. Old cough drop wrappers. Expired coupon books that you bought from Karen’s kids in fall and never used. All those random pens without pen caps and dried up whiteout. Why do you even have whiteout anymore? That should have been gone years ago. Throw. It. All. Away.

Brighten up your desk with light accents, maybe change out an old picture for something more recent or add a succulent to your desk decor. Bring a new hand lotion or add some “springy” snacks to your secret stash. Whatever you can do to excite yourself for this season, do that thing. Have at it. Go wild. But whatever you do, please don’t bring your pet iguana to work. Yes, this actually happened, and yes, we were as confused as you currently are. Happy s’winter.